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When managing a rental property, there are a few factors that contribute to placing quality tenants.


Location is a key factor in determining rental rates for various properties. Demand can be higher in certain areas, with many other contributing factors needing to be assessed, such as proximity to schools, shopping, employment, and major transit routes. 


Homes kept neat and well maintained will always rent before homes in need of repair or cleaning. Our trained Property Managers will do an initial walkthrough with you to determine what may be required to help rent your home to the right tenant. 


Realty Canada advertises online. This can save a great deal on costs and reaches a much wider audience instantaneously. We advertise on multiple platforms, including- but not limited to -Rentfaster, RentBoard, and even Facebook Marketplace. In addition, you will be given the option to have professional photographs taken of your home at a reasonable rate. We have found this is extremely beneficial in showcasing your home to potential tenants. 

Rental Pricing 

Our property managers will help you determine the most rent the market will bear based on part of the factors above. A properly priced unit will draw attention that will result in quick rental and quality tenants. 

Tenant Screening

We strive to choose the tenant best suited to your home. We do this using our application process, which includes: 
Character Assessment  We meet potential tenants face to face and consider this a crucial step in our selection process. 

Credit Checks 

Mandatory credit checks will reveal a potential tenant's credit score, debt to service ratio, possible collections, and overall money-handling responsibility.


Knowing a tenant's place of employment and income helps to determine their ability to make consistent rent payments.

Reference Checks 

Not only do we speak with a prospect's current landlord, but we also speak with previous landlords and employers to get a better idea of their character. 


Inspection is the key to controlling a rental property. Realty Canada thoroughly documents the condition of the property before a tenant move-in including a full set of pictures. We then do periodic, annual and drive-by inspections. We also have all our trades report back on the condition as they do any maintenance work. The more eyes, the better! 


Realty Canada has built and maintained professional relationships with multiple trades that are fully insured to ensure we have a portfolio of maintenance providers. This gives you the best prices and quality of service for your property.  


Realty Canada employs a computerized accounting system that provides instant access via confidential portals for owners and tenants. Financial statements are generated in real-time and deposits to owners are automatic.